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About us

About Our Company

We are a strategic coastal engineering consultant as well as manufacturers of custom products for companies that seek technical advice in marine products for environmental, safety, reclamation and marine engineering activities.

Over the years the group has undertaken many challenging projects and accumulated skills, know-how and experiences in design and build solutions, project management services, building trades and related engineering works.

Today, Ocean Star Eco Systems Pvt. Ltd. takes on the role of Main Contractor/ Sub Contractor for small to big size projects and performs project management services to coordinates specialist trades for Commercial/Residential projects. We also provide design inputs and engineering solutions as value-add services to our clients. Ocean Star Eco Systems Pvt. Ltd. has Construction wing with Coastal Engineering Services and manufacturing Facilities.

Ocean Star Eco Systems

Coastal Engineering: We are a multidisciplinary engineering consultancy firm, manufacturing firm with specialized expertise in offshore & nearshore coastal and marine structures, harbors and marinas. Oil and Gas terminals, water front developments, beaches, dredging works and island reclamations.

Ocean Star Eco Systems Pvt. Ltd. provide comprehensive services and assist public and private clients through all phases of a project, from concept to hand over: through design development, project management, permit processes, product manufacturing, construction supervision. The professional staff of Ocean Star Eco Systems Pvt. Ltd. Engineering undertake coastal engineering specialised studies, numerical & physical modelling services and environmental Studies. The Ocean Star Eco Systems Pvt. Ltd. Engineering professionals have worked with numerous high-profile clients, project management, consultancy and contracting organizations and are well known and highly recognized in the region.

Have 5 Years of

A pioneer in Marine and Coastal protection Ecofriendly Structures ,Unprecedented access to innovative and value Engineered Solutions.
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We are dedicated and always striving to provide practical, innovative and cost- effective solutions to our clients. Based on decades of professional experience, our highly qualified, multi-disciplined staff understand the value of customizing our services to meet ever-evolving industry needs. Our engineering solutions are always tailored to specific project requirements to meet targeted budgets and schedules. We are committed to our corporate culture and values. We respect the diverse multicultural communities and develop trusting and open relationships with our business partners, clients and local authorities. We value our people’s ability and knowledge and believe that investing in our staffs personal and professional growth is a key point to deliver extra ordinary results and contribute to the evolution of the areas we live in. Promoting a positive outlook for future generations is our mission.