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Beach Cleaning and Fabrication Services

Ocean Star Eco Systems, Beach Cleaning
Ocean Star Eco Systems, Beach Cleaning
Ocean Star Eco Systems, Beach Cleaning

Beach cleaning or clean-up is the process of removing solid litter, dense chemicals, and organic debris deposited on a beach or coastline by the tide, local visitors, or tourists. Humans pollute beaches with materials such as plastic bottles and bags, plastic straws, fishing gear, cigarette filters, Six pack rings, Surgical mask and many other items that often lead to environmental degradation. Every year hundreds of thousands of volunteers comb beaches and coastlines around the world to clean this debris. These materials are also called “marine debris” or "marine pollution" and their quantity has been increasing due to anthropocentric activities.

There are some major sources of beach debris such as beach users, oceans, sea drifts, and river flow. Many beach users leave their litter behind on the beaches after activities. Also, marine debris or chemicals such as raw oil drift from oceans or seas and accumulate on beaches. Additionally, many rivers bring some cities' trashes to beaches. These pollutants harm marine life and ecology, human health, and coastal tourism.

Special Fabrications includes: Marker poles, event management structures like floating pontoons/platforms, tide slides, debris collection nets, Oil boom Reels.