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Safety Barriers

An outdoor swimming pool barrier is a physical obstacle that surrounds an outdoor pool so that pool access is limited to adults. “Pool,” in this context, includes outdoor hot tubs and spas. This barrier is often referred to as “pool fencing,”

Ocean Star Eco Systems Pvt. Ltd. has been manufacturing and tailoring synthetic fibre nets for meeting the pressing issue of jelly fish nets. The expertise acquired in the field of aquaculture and maritime nets has enabled us to conceive and produce an anti-jellyfish barrier net. This anti-jellyfish and anti-algae barrier are of increasing demand through the globe. The floating part is designed to prevent the passage of jellyfishes, even in the presence of wind and waves. The openings located on the floating part are intended for the inspection and handling of the floats. We offer Jelly Fish nets of various ranges

The underwater part consists of a mesh net, woven with high-tenacity UV-ray treated fibre which works as barrier against jellyfish, while allowing the current to flow, thus reducing the trawl of the whole barrier. All along the barrier there are fastening bands to connect anchors as well as bands for beach or sea mooring.All seams are made with very high quality thread suitable for marine use and sea-water resistant.

The barrier is manufactured in modules which can be easily connected by way of high-tenacity hinges suitable for marine use. Supplied in standard modules of 20 m in length and 3 m in depth and sloping modules of 20 m in length for beach mooring. Other sizes available upon request.

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